Stoneriver’s atisian wines capture the delicate balance of oregon’s warm summer days and cool evening breezes. Located on one of Oregon’s earliest registered farms (the historic Brookbank Farms), Stoneriver’s elegant tasting room and lawn setting, promises an inviting and relaxing time with friends, family, or new aquantences. Have one of our signature glasses of wine, enjoy a game of shuffle board or just take in the ambiance of our wonderful venue.

Stoneriver vinyards is located at 2178 Pioneer Rd. Talent, Oregon 97540. Please call us at: (541) 864-9234 with any questions you may have.

30 comments on “About

  1. Lee rippard says:

    Tried your wine today and was very impressed with the smoothness of it and a great price here in the UK.

  2. Steve McChrystal says:

    Although I haven’t had the chance to try your wines yet, I walked by on a recent morning and noticed your broad expanse of south facing roofs, perfect for solar panel arrays. With the price of solar power dropping steadily, you should take the opportunity to show your environmental leadership in the community.
    Steve McChrystal,

  3. Ken Hodkin says:

    Wow what a gal..
    I am talking about Jamie, very dynamic young lady and very friendly. This is a very causal winery and great wines.

    A must visit !!

    Ken and Kathy

    Auburn CA.

  4. Virginia Lange says:

    Thank you for visiting our tasting room and leaving a very nice comment ,we hope to see you again soon.

  5. I am anxious to visit your Talent winery tomorrow. The vineyard looks very inviting. Talent has some of the best views in Southern Oregon. Im expecting fabulous views, exceptional wine and very friendly owners & staff according to your reviews and a short talk with Paul.

  6. vinos.wine says:

    Beautiful photographs. In November we will be in Oregon and we would like to visit the winery‘. What days open to the public?

  7. Randy Leidich says:

    I drove by your place today and saw that you have live music on saturday. I searched the web and saw no mention of it any where. BTW, this site could be much better. Visit this site and email your music schedule for further exposure: http://roguevalleylivemusicnightlife.com

  8. Phil King says:

    Hi Jamie, Please excuse the redundancy, I don’t know if you got my message through FB Messenger. Nice meeting you, on Saturday. Wish that we could have had time to talk, but i understand that customers come first. Ironically, I arrived ten minutes before anyone else, but I couldn’t find anybody in, or around the Tasting Room. FYI, I will be playing,next Sunday, 9/23 at Pebblestone, 3 – 5 . I would love to come play at StoneRiver, anytime. Cheers, Phil King
    Song Samples here:http://www.philkingtunes.com

  9. Emily Flasch says:

    Good afternoon to whom of concern,

    My name is Emily, I am inquiring about space rental for the day of NOVEMBER 17th
    We are a local small business here in the Rogue Valley, called Zoom Out! Mycology. We are looking to host a Soil Awareness Event here in the Rogue Valley to support and inform for the World Soil Day (12/2/18)! Please feel free to contact me for further information, I would love to hear back about your spaces available. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

    • Virginia Lange says:

      I need to know more about what type of space will you need and how many people, and just what you plan to do in order to see if we can accommodate you.

      Thank you, Virginia

      • Emily Flasch says:

        I am looking for a semi indoor and outdoor space, 50-80 people, wine access available, for about 4-6 hours. Thank you!

      • Virginia Lange says:

        I am having music that day from 5:00 to 7:00. What time of the day were you planning on? I think it would be better if you chose another day if you can, and visit us to see if we can accomodate our needs.


      • Virginia Lange says:

        I will talk to my tasting room manager and let you know tomorrow. Thank you for thinking of us for your function.


  10. David Kateley says:

    Are you dog friendly? It is a small dog :).

  11. Cynthia says:

    Hi, I’m meeting a friend there today and was wondering if you serve food?

  12. virginia says:

    We only have cheese and crackers. We are however having a Halloween event on the 27th and will have live music and snacks.

  13. Phil King says:

    Hi Jamie, Thanks, again, for having me play, yesterday. I know that we both wish it had been busier, but for me the folks who were there, were attentive & appreciative, which made it pleasurable. Thanks for your hospitality & I look forward to coming back, anytime, (except mid Feb. to late March,2018, when I’ll be out of the country). Cheers, Phil

  14. Doug Duncan says:

    What varietals do you pour, or blend? Website needs to list this information or too often another winery will be chosen, shame.

    • Paula Luz says:

      Hi Doug,
      We do list all of our wines on our website. Just log onto http://www.stonerivervineyards.com to see all of our varietals that we carry. You will find a plethora of information about the vineyard as well as our award winning wines on our site. We currently feature thirteen different wines and will be releasing three more very soon. Hope to see you in the near future.

  15. Patrick Lange says:

    great wine

  16. Kenny Croes says:

    I understand you feature live music events at Stoneriver. My trio Caught Red Handed would like to be considered for a show. We perform at wineries, festivals and concert states throughout Oregon and California. We feature strong 3-part vocal harmony, flashy instrumental breaks, and quirky conversation. We perform Bluegrass, Folk, and Country-flavored tunes. Thank you!

  17. Gerard Gander says:

    Do you offer your site as a wedding venue?

  18. Paula Luz says:

    Hi Gerard,
    I would suggest that you speak to our Tasting Room Manager, Jamie Height, who does all the scheduling and events planning. She would be able to give you an answer, just log onto our website at http://www.stonerivervineyards.com to get her contact information. Thank you for your interest.

  19. jamie haight says:

    This is not the website for StoneRiver, our official website is http://www.stonerivervineyards.com.

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